About Notoir Books

Notoir Books is a publisher specializing in topics of esoteric interests, eccentric memoirs, overlooked history, otherworldly stories, and distinctive voices from the past.

Notoir Books is run by two gentlemen from the Netherlands who share a deep love for old books and have a talent for design. Their mission is a labor of love – to redesign old, obscure, forgotten, unusual, interesting, esoteric, and subversive books and introduce them to a new audience.

As C.S. Lewis once said, it’s a good rule to never allow yourself another new book until you have read an old one in between. Notoir Books believes that there are many books out there that deserve a new life, and a refreshed cover design, typography, setting, and formatting could do the trick.

There are heaps of interesting, weird, dark, unusual, and simply nutty books that are waiting to be pulled out of the digital realm and the darkness of the past to be released into a modern analog existence.

Furthermore, Notoir Books wants to enrich and promote the literary past by bringing attention to the vast collection of literary gems that have yet to be rediscovered. Visit notoirbooks.com to discover more.