Knut Hamsun – Hanna Astrup Larsen

Knut Hamsun - Hanna Astrup Larsen
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  • Paperback : 140 pages
  • Dimensions : 5 x 0.36 x 8 inches
  • ISBN-13 : 979-8698340300
  • Publisher : Notoir Books (October 15, 2020)
  • Language: : English

Knut Hamsun has become identified in our minds with the lonely figure that recurs again and again in his earlier books, the Wanderer who is forever outside of organized society and forever pays the penalty of being different from the crowd and unable to conform to its standards.

That this lonely creature is really himself in a certain period of his life we know from the testimony of his own works. Yet this vagabond and iconoclast sprang from the most conservative stock of Norway. This is the story of his early life.