THE EVIL EYE: Thanatology and Other Essays – Roswell Park M.D.

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  • Publisher : Notoir Books (November 21, 2020)
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These thirteen gripping essays partake of the character of studies in that borderland of anthropology, biology, philology and history which surrounds the immediate domain of medical and general science.

They reflect a degree of careful historic inquiry unusual in the nonprofessional historian, particularly if he be a medical man.

The topics range from the evil eye to the history of anesthesia, from the discovery of the circulation to the phenomenology of death, from a sympathetic character sketch of Giordano Bruno to snake worship. There is an assay on the evolution of the surgeon from the barber. Other topics include the occult frequently, forgotten history constantly, and what would now be considered quack medicine occasionally.

Advocating the use of cocaine as a pain killing agent and speaking at length even about military matters, “The Evil Eye” is highly unusual and interesting now even as it must have been a century prior. Enlightening stuff. (The book, that is…)