The Social History of Smoking (1560-1914) – George L. Apperson

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In 1914, this was the first attempt to write the history of smoking from the social point of view.

There have been many books written about tobacco but hitherto no one has told the story of the fluctuations of fashion in respect of the practice of smoking.

In this book the writer presents fun-facts about the rising of the pipe, smoking in the upper circles, the cigar as a status-symbol, the introduction of the cigarette and prejudices against smokers.

The practice of smoking was hedged about and obstructed by a host of restrictions and conventions, but as the nineteenth century advanced the triumphant progress of tobacco became more and more marked.

The tracing and recording of this social history of the smoking-habit, touching as it does so many interesting points and details of domestic manners and customs, has been a task of peculiar pleasure to the writer. Therefore, this book is a labour of love.